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As part of our rebranding exercise, please be informed that with effect from 15 October 2018, Big Bus Tours Singapore will be replacing Singapore7 Hop-On Hop-Off, with the following options:

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Safari Line 1 - Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari

First Bus - Zoo/River: 9.30am
Bus Freq: 60-90 mins
Last Bus - Zoo/River: 5.00pm

On board the Zoo-Safari Line 1 (Safari Line – Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari), you can escape into the animal kingdom from the city in no time. We partner with Wildlife Reserves Singapore to take you to their award-winning attractions, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari, where you are in for a truly eye-opening encounter at the parks.

This line offers direct non-stop transfers hourly (Zoo & River Safari) or half-hourly (Night Safari) so you can get an early head start by planning your free-and-easy trip on your way there. Wildlife-themed souvenir shops are also available at our tourist hubs at Suntec City and the Flyer to add to your treasure trove of fond memories!

Location: Singapore
Bus Operating Hours: 9.30am to 5.00pm for Zoo/River Safari
First Bus for Night Safari: 6pm
Last Bus for Night Safari: 10pm or 10:30pm (Fri, Sat and Eve of PH)
Duration: Free-and-easy


Singapore Zoo

Nine-time winner of the coveted Best Leisure Attraction Experience award by the Singapore Tourism Board, the Singapore Zoo is the place for visitors to experience incredibly intimate encounters with their collection of rainforest-loving animals. Catch a glimpse of the otters and pygmy hippos in the underwater galleries, hand feed kangaroos at Australian Outback or for the early risers, have a cool Jungle Breakfast in the company of orang utans! The fun doesn’t stop here with so much more to be explored!

  • Hourly transfers between Safari Gate (@Suntec or @Flyer) and Zoo available.
  • Tram ride (included in package) - a relaxing and leisurely way to explore the park.
  • Elephant at Work and Play Show – Catch the playful giants with amazing tricks up their trunks as they play dead, ‘steal’ food and demonstrate how they can spray far and wide. The show also ends with a token feeding session for those who wants to get up-close and personal with the elephants.
  • Park Admission Ticket can be purchased from Safari Gate counter.

River Safari

River Safari, a $160-million newest attraction features state-of-the-art exhibit design, Southeast Asia's largest panda exhibit as well as the world's largest freshwater aquarium. Amidst venturing from iconic rivers to rivers, visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia in the Giant Panda Forest, check out the adorable monkeys at Squirrel Monkey Forest and wander into the Amazon Flooded Forest to witness an amazing underwater habitat for creatures such as the arapaima and the giant river otter. Join us now to embark on the most exciting river journey of your life!

  • Hourly transfers between Safari Gate (@Suntec or @Flyer) and River Safari available.
  • Giant Panda Forest – Step into the largest panda exhibit in Southeast Asia to meet the famous Giant Pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in their beautiful forest sanctuary and catch them in action!
  • Park Admission Ticket can be purchased from Safari Gate counter

Night Safari

Catch a ride with us to the World's first wildlife night park - The Night Safari, an eight time winner of the Best Visitor Attraction Experience, located at the Northern precinct of Singapore. The 40-hectare safari park can be explored either on foot via three walkingtrails or by tram and is home to more than 1,000 nocturnal animals from 115 species.

  • Regular transfers between Safari Gate (@Suntec or @Flyer) and Night Safari available.
  • Tram ride service - a relaxing and leisurely way to explore the park.
  • Creatures of the Night Show - An interactive 20-minute presentation introducing nocturnal animals from the elusive owl to nimble binturongs to intuitive civets.
  • 3 interlinked walking trails - Leopard, Fishing Cat and Forest Giants for up-close and personal encounters with the animals.
  • Park Admission Ticket can be purchased from Safari Gate counter.

Please note that there are three admission timings to the Night Safari to choose from: 7:15pm, 8:15pm and 9:15pm

What to Expect
Be it land, sea, day or night, there are plenty of amazing adventures in store for anyone who wants to heed the call of the wild!

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