Singapore7 Sightseeing is now Big Bus Tours Singapore

As part of our rebranding exercise, please be informed that with effect from 15 October 2018, Big Bus Tours Singapore will be replacing Singapore7 Hop-On Hop-Off, with the following options:

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Welcome Aboard

Get ready to see Singapore’s vibrant city on board the TOPless HiPPO double decker bus. Renowned across the world for its breathtaking greenery, dynamic nightlife, inimitable heritage, intriguing architecture, delightful delicacies and zippy street culture – you won’t want to miss a thing, no matter the duration of your stay.

The famous unlimited Hop-On Hop-Off service offers you the flexibility and freedom you’ve always desired, allowing you to enjoy Singapore at your own leisurely pace. Spot an interesting place or attraction? Simply hop off and explore the grounds on foot and you can continue the tour later by hopping onto the next bus.

More than a sightseeing touring system, it is also FREE transportation that seamlessly connects you to major hotels, key sights and attractions. With 63 stops across the city and a bus arriving as soon as every 15 minutes, this is the ideal choice for the smart traveller who wants to do more for less!

What is Singapore 7 Sightseeing?

Singapore 7 is an alliance of 4 top tour companies coming together to create a comprehensive and yet cost-effective touring system. Together, Singapore 7 Alliance members offer: Yellow, Red, Brown, Blue, Green, Zoo-Safari Line 1 (Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari) and Zoo-Safari Line 2 (Bird Park) - making it so much easier for tourists to see every facet of Singapore, saving you both time and money.

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Why Singapore 7 Sightseeing?

Varying Validities
Varying Validities
Your time, your say – choose among 24, 48 or 72-hour validity and receive unrestricted Hop-On Hop-Off access throughout the day* on all seven lines. If you start your tour at 5pm, your ticket will be good till 5pm the following day, 2 days or 3 days later respectively.

* During bus operating hours
Free Walking Tours
Free Walking Tours
The Chinatown Walk is held at 10:30am* every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the Little India Walk happens at 10:30am^ every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

* Meeting Point: Pagoda Street, Tourist Information Kiosk (next to Sri Mariamman Temple). Please check-in 15 minutes prior to tour time.
^ Meeting Point: 5 Campbell Lane, Outside Indian Heritage Centre. Please check-in 15 minutes prior to tour time.

Unlimited Hop On Hop Off (HOHO)
Unlimited Hop On Hop Off (HoHo)
We get that transport is closely connected to tourism policy, being a pre-requisite for the efficient movement of tourists. With the unlimited HOHO advantage, simply hop-off anywhere you want and return to the same bus stop to continue your tour when you're ready. Touring Singapore has never been so easy!
We Speak 12 Languages
We Speak 12 Languages
Part of our unique value-add on this tour service is commentary delivered in voices that hit closest to home. Our menu currently includes English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Kiddo. Yes – even kids have their very own special language!
Minimum Waiting Time
Minimum Waiting Time
Expect a bus on the Yellow line every 15-30 minutes; Red – 20 to 25 minutes; Brown – 30 minutes (Morning) and 60 minutes (Afternoon); Blue – 30 minutes (Morning) and 60 minutes (Afternoon) ; Green – 40 minutes; Zoo-Safari Line 1 – 60-90 minutes (Morning to Afternoon) and 15-30 minutes (Night) and Zoo-Safari Line 2 – (6 departures daily).
Free Map & Tourist Reward Booklet
Free Map & Tourist Reward Booklet
Nothing beats travelling with a handy guide in hand. You will be given an accompanying map which offers useful information on S7 Sightseeing routes, places of interests and even the best hawker fare in town. Also, expect a copy of the Tourist Reward Booklet – a compilation of offers and privileges exclusive to Singapore 7 Sightseeing Pass holders.
Easy to Switch Lines
Easy to Switch Lines
If you've begun your tour on the Yellow line and want to visit Chinatown on the Red line and Clifford Pier on the Brown line later, by all means! All loops are connected on various intersection points, making it easy for you to hop from attraction to attraction on different lines effortlessly.
Buy Tickets on Bus
Buy Tickets on Bus
We’ve made it easier for you to buy tickets! You don’t have to head down to a central hub to get tickets – simply flag down one of our TOPless HiPPO buses and purchase your tickets directly from our friendly bus captains. Payment available in cash only.
Discounts to Attractions
Discounts to Attractions
As long as you're one of our guests, you'll be able to access other attractions at discounted prices. Enjoy these benefits when you visit these world-class sites, including Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer and the Night Safari.

Plan Your Trip!

To see the most of Singapore, plan your trip early!

  • Use the "Bus Route Map" and "Bus Schedule" PDFs to find the nearest bus stop to hop on
  • Confirm where you will be picking up tickets
  • Understand what are the 7 lines and where are the attractions
  • Click on "Other Attractions" to find out the discounts to all major attractions available to you

What are you waiting for? Start now!

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We Speak Your Language!

We Speak Your Language

Each guest will be issued a new pair of earphones at the point of purchase at any of our counters or onboard the TOPless HoHo (Hop-on, Hop-off) bus lines. With 12 channels to pick from, we trust we will have your language of choice!

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