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As part of our rebranding exercise, please be informed that with effect from 15 October 2018, Big Bus Tours Singapore will be replacing Singapore7 Hop-On Hop-Off, with the following options:

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Singapore 7 Sightseeing

What is the Singapore 7 Sightseeing Tour all about?

The Singapore 7 Sightseeing tour comprises 4 Hop On Hop Off Lines and 3 Feeder Lines. More than a sightseeing touring system, it also doubles up as transportation that seamlessly connects you from 63 bus stops across the city to major hotels, key sights and attractions.

Will we get to see all the major sights with the Singapore 7 package?

Yes - with 7 Lines, it's the most comprehensive way to see the most of Singapore, from the spectacular panoramic views atop the Singapore Flyer to the resplendent shopping district to the nooks and crannies of our ethnic precincts.

Are there multi-lingual commentaries?

Yes - our Multi-Lingual System offers tourists a choice of 12 languages, namely: English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Kiddo. Yes, kids get their own commentary too!

Will we be able to hop-on and hop-off?

Yes - your ticket gives you 24 hrs, 48 hrs or 72 hrs of UNLIMITED hop-on hop-off access throughout the day (during bus operation hours) on all 7 lines. If you start your tour at 5pm, you Pass will be valid till the next day, 2 days or 3 days later respectively.

Can we tell which line the bus is plying?

Yes - every bus will display a digital signage and poster on the windscreen indicating the line it is running on. (Yellow, Red, Brown, Blue, Green, ZOO-SAFARI Line 1 and ZOO-SAFARI Line 2).

How long do I need to wait for a bus?

Every line boasts a different frequency. You may download our Bus Schedule/Frequency here. Expect a bus on the Yellow line every 15-20 minutes; Red – 25 minutes; Brown – 30 minutes (Morning) and 60 minutes (Afternoon); Blue – 25 minutes (Morning) and 45 minutes (Afternoon); Green – 40 minutes; Zoo-Safari Line 1 – 60 minutes (Morning to Afternoon) and 15-30 minutes (Night) and Zoo-Safari Line 2 – (6 departures daily).

How do I purchase tickets for Singapore 7 Sightseeing?

If you're at the hotel or out, the easiest way to get your tickets would be to do so on board our bus. Go to any of the designated bus stops and flag down any Red or Brown TOPless bus (not Orange). Hop on and you can purchase your tickets directly from our friendly Captain. Payment in cash only.

Otherwise, you can simply book online via this website or call our guest hotline at (+65) 6338 6877 for bookings and reservations. To redeem your tickets, please head over to our DUCK & HiPPO Tourist Hub located at Suntec City (#01-330) with your E-receipt.

The Singapore 7 Sightseeing passes are also available for purchase at any of our Tourist Information Counters. Click here for a complete list of locations where you can buy them from upon arriving in the City.

Can I purchase my tickets on board?

Yes, you can. Go to any of the designated bus stops and flag down any Red or Brown TOPless bus (not Orange). Hop on and you can purchase your tickets directly from our friendly Captain. You may pay via cash (Singapore dollars ONLY) on board. If you wish to pay by credit card, you’ll be taken to the Suntec Tourist Hub to complete your transaction.

Can we get the tickets on the same day we want to start the tour?

Yes - you can purchase them and start your tour anytime.

You can start touring even at 5 pm, as your ticket is valid for 24 hrs, 48 hrs or 72 hrs and will be good till 5 pm the following day, 2 days or 3 days later respectively.

Do we enjoy savings on the add-on tours?

Yes, you do. As long as you've purchased the Singapore 7 Sightseeing Pass, you get to enjoy exclusive discounts/offers on additional purchases. In short, the more you tour, the more you save!

Will we be able to recognise the bus stops?

Yes - almost all of the designated stops are at public bus stops, and each has a unique reference number. Please refer to your bus schedule for each bus stops' unique reference number. The touring map also indicates some key buildings around each of the stops for easy reference.

What if I need help?

No worries - we are just a call away. You can reach us at +65 6338-6877 or Wechat/WhatsApp/Viber/SMS at +65 9321 7400 daily from 9am - 7.00pm. Alternatively, you can go to the Singapore Visitor Centre @ Orchard (Orchard Gateway) for assistance. The SVC is open from 8:30am to 9:30pm daily.

Can I change my tour date after making my booking?

Sure! We are happy to change your tour date (after booking is made) but please note that due to limited capacities, seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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