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  • 8-9 Dec 2018 – Tours affected by road closures due to Standard Chartered Marathon 2018 – Skipped stops and expect delays. Click for more details.

HiPPO Bus Stop Locator

Enter a location (for example a hotel name, an attraction name, a post code, an address, etc) and we will show you the nearest HiPPO bus stop. Click on “Directions” to get walking directions to the bus stop via Google Maps.


      Bus Stop (BS) number is unique to each stop. Refer to the BS number and road name to confirm the stop.

      Our topless double decker buses are in red or brown (anything but orange). Our coaches are in black and all our buses have a DUCK & HiPPO logo. If in doubt, just flag down the bus and ask the captain.

      To identify which LINE the bus is plying, look out for the digital sign and poster on the windscreen. If in doubt – just flag down the bus and ask.

      This is only applicable for guests with pre-booked tours with DUCK & HiPPO transfer privileges. Just flag down the bus and present your voucher for the FREE 1-way transfer to DUCK & HiPPO Hub @ Suntec Convention, where your tour begins.

      Yes, you may just flag us down at the bus stop, hop on to buy your ticket and start touring – it’s that easy!